Wood Opalite Prayer Beads


These beautiful unique gemstone prayer beads are timeless. They are handcrafted using wood opalite gemstones and gorgeous detailed beads and tassel. This design is reminiscent of medieval style paternoster prayer beads. Prayer beads are used for meditation, prayer and can also be used for decoration.

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Wood Opalite Prayer Beads


These wood opalite prayer beads are unique and beautiful. The design is inspired by medieval paternoster prayer beads. They are handcrafted using wood opalite gemstones and silver-plated beads. In Latin the word “paternoster” translates to “Our Father.” Each bead is used to help one count prayers. The smaller beads are meant to represent a Psalm. Prayer beads ranged from 10, 50 or 150 beads in early medieval versions. A set of 10 beads were separated by a larger marker bead known as a gaud. This bead is meant to represent “The Lord’s Prayer.” Wood opalite is actually a form of fossilized wood. The process takes over 100 years for wood to transform into stone. This gemstone is believed to be a stone of transformation and is associated with patience and slow, steady growth. These prayer beads can be used for mediation, prayer or decoration. This piece is truly beautiful and unique. It would make a lovely gift too.

Click HERE to learn a brief history of paternoster prayer beads.



  • Silver-plated pewter
  • Wood Opalite Gemstones
  • Handcrafted Tassel Charm
  • Approximately 9.5 inches long
  • Carefully packaged in a beautiful jewelry gift box


PREVENT WEAR AND TEAR:  To prevent wear and tear and to extend the life of your gemstone prayer beads follow the advice below.

  • Do not bang, snag, yank or pull on your prayer beads.
  • Do not use jewelry cleaner on your gemstone prayer beads only use a clean soft cloth to wipe beads.
  • Do not use your gemstone prayer beads where you have applied lotion.



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